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BROADCAST & LIVESTREAMING - Full Multi Camera setup
BROADCAST: Corporate, Sports, Entertainment
LIVESTREAMING: all the above plus weddings, funerals
RECORDING: all the above, school & dance school productions
I am fully equipped to offer a multi camera coverage of your event from my broadcast vehicle. Full frame graphics and graphic overlay's, video inserts, powerpoint, music replay - its all possible!! Portable options are also available which can be set up in the venue. Single camera or 4 - 5 - 6 cameras ..... how many do you want? operated, locked off - the choice is yours. We tailor the coverage to suit, meet and exceed your expectations.

Broadcast & Livestreaming a specialty using either cabled or  both bonded & satellite networks. Archive records onsite as backup.

Secure and private URL links offered for you to share with your clients, family & friends. Watch directly online or download files for viewing later.
AV SERVICES: Large Screen TV's, Projection
AUDIO SUPPORT:  PA,  Lecturn & Mic's
I offer a full AV SOLUTION. Some venues have nothing or want me to compliment what they do have. PA & Audio support plus large screen LED TV's. There is also the option of a screen and projector if that is suited more to the venue. Video and Audio is replayed from the van and can also be split between two adjacent venues if required, IE the service from a church can be directly fed into an adjacent hall.
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