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Livestreaming has become very popular! Broadcast Technology changes over the years has made live streaming available in a wide range of quality and formats. Using your phone you can broadcast to your friends, family, infact to the world. When folks can't attend a specific event, live streaming allows them to be part of it. Quality vs cost is very important when considering what sort of live stream you actually want? Low quality, low bandwidth mobile streaming allows viewers to see and hear the broadcast but image quality may not be as sharp or crisp as one would expect. Full Bandwidth, high quality imaging requires fibre, satellite or gigawave technology, like used in broadcasting and is a lot more expensive.

As standard, I offer a medium quality stream using Vimeo's Livestream platform, using the mobile data network. With my extensive experience in the broadcasting insdustry, we can discuss other options if you wish? Feedback received on this service has been very positive. All presentations are also recorded in HD and provided as part of my standard packages.
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